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Cumulative Update KB4088776 for Windows 10 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.309)

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Bản cập nhật này bao gồm các cải tiến chất lượng. Không có tính năng hệ điều hành mới đang được giới thiệu trong bản cập nhật này. Những thay đổi quan trọng bao gồm:
  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer stops working when using F12-based developer tools. 
  • Addresses issue with printing XML documents with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. 
  • Updates legacy Document Mode cell visibility in Internet Explorer.
  • Addresses issue with pinch and zoom gestures on some hardware in Internet Explorer. 
  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer is unresponsive in certain scenarios when a Browser Helper Object is installed.
  • Addresses issue to prevent media and other applications from becoming unresponsive or failing when upgrading graphics drivers.
  • Addresses issue where customers receive "Check your account, you don't own this content” errors when attempting to play or install owned content. This issue can also result in customers getting kicked out of a game in the middle of play.
  • Addresses issue where, after installing KB4056892,KB4073291, KB4058258, KB4077675, or KB4074588 on a server, you may not be able to access SMB shared files in directory junction points or volume mount points hosted on that server. The error is "ERROR_INVALID_REPARSE_DATA”. As a result, editing some group policies using GPMC or AGPM 4.0 may fail with the error "The data present in the reparse point buffer is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80071128)".
  • Addresses issue where an AD FS server issue causes the WID AD FS database to become unusable after a restart. This might prevent the AD FS service from starting.
  • Addresses issue where, after installing KB4090913, the Mixed Reality Portal may fail to initialize. This results in an “SXXXXXXX-X” error or a “We couldn’t download the Windows Mixed Reality Software” message may appear after the software is successfully downloaded.
  • Due to recent work with our antivirus (AV) partners, AV software has now reached a sustained level of broad compatibility with Windows updates. After analyzing the available data, we’re lifting the AV compatibility check for the March 2018 Windows security updates for supported Windows 10 devices through Windows Update. We’ll continue to require that AV software be compatible. Devices with known AV driver compatibility problems will be blocked from updates. We recommend that customers check installed AV software compatibility with their AV provider.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Desktop Bridge, Windows Kernel, Windows Shell, Windows MSXML, Device Guard, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Installer, and the Microsoft Scripting Engine.
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